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    Other Technical Questions

    How can I use CARTO.js and Mapbox.js together?

    If you want to use all the features of CARTO (infowindows, legends, dynamic layers) with Mapbox basemaps, view the following example:

    If you want to use Mapbox.js features, and show a CARTO layer (without any CARTO feature), view the following example:

    Does CARTO work offline?

    No, CARTO needs an internet connection. The application uses several services and libraries that cannot be hosted locally. We recommend you install the software, as it is open source.

    What are the supported browsers?

    A modern browser is required. View our Requirements to check which specific versions of each browser are supported.

    Does CARTO have multi-user functionalities?

    If you are interested in multi-user accounts, our Enterprise plan offers team options for multi-user functionality. Contact Sales for more information.

    Why am I getting errors when running cURL Commands in Windows?

    If you are using the Import API or Maps API and running cURL commands through a PC console, note that Windows only supports double quotes “” for cURL commands.