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    Different support tiers are provided by CARTO, based on your account plan.

    What are the general account support tiers?

    For both Free and Personal accounts, the following support resources are available:

    Method Resource
    Documentation - CARTO’s public documentation

    - Learn, quick reference guides for learning individual CARTO Builder features
    Online Community GIS Stack Exchange

    Tip: If you ask a question on Stack Exchange, apply the carto tag before posting your question.

    There are no defined response times for Free and Personal accounts.

    Note: For the benefit of the community, CARTO reserves the right to make any answers to support inquiries public. Your data will remain private if a resolution is shared.

    What are the Enterprise account support tiers?

    The following Enterprise support tiers are available for both Cloud and On-Premises products.

      Standard Premium Elite
    All Users Email Email Email
    Designated Contacts Email Email Email
            Email Custom Address Custom Address
            Phone N/A Phone (P1 & P2)*** Phone (P1 & P2)***
    All Users:      
     P1: Critical issue, service unusable 4 Business Hours 4 Business Hours 4 Business Hours
     P2: Issue with significant operational impact 1 Business Day 1 Business Day 1 Business Day
     P3: Issue with limited operational impact 1 Business Day 1 Business Day 1 Business Day
    Designated Contacts:      
    Number of Designated Contacts N/A 3** 6**
     P1: Critical issue, service unusable N/A 4 Hours 1 Hour
     P2: Issue with significant operation impact N/A 4 Hours 1 Hour
     P3: Issue with limited operational impact N/A 1 Business Day 4 Business Hours
     Quarterly Technical Review Optional Optional Included
      Max Hours/Month N/A 15 Hours 30 Hours

    **Number of Designated Contacts: Customer must provide CARTO with a list of Designated Contacts within 10 Business Days of contract signature. Customer may change Designated Contacts at any time by emailing information for the new contact(s) to

    ***Phone P1 & P2: When a Designated Contact registers a P1 or P2 issue via email, they may request that the CARTO response include a phone call, in order to review the issue in greater detail and facilitate resolution.

    What are Business Hours for CARTO Support?

    Business Hours are from 9am CET - 6pm EST, Monday through Friday. Standard Enterprise Support is only available during Business Hours.

    What is the difference between Business Hours and Hours?

    Business Hours are as defined above, while Hours mean 24/7/365, regardless of when the request is received. Only Premium and Elite Support packages offer this level of initial response time for P1 & P2 issues.

    How do I remove a designated Enterprise contact?

    To remove one or more of the Designated Contacts from your account, please email with the names and/or email address you would like to remove.

    How do I assign a designated Enterprise contact?

    To assign one or more new Designated Contacts to your account, please email with the name, email and phone number of the Designated Contact(s) you would like to add to your account.