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CARTO Support Packages

Helping our clients to be successful.

CARTO offers comprehensive Support Packages to our enterprise customers. CARTO is committed to helping you make the most of your CARTO solution. :sparkles:

These Packages are structured to help organizations at any stage of using location data to solve complex problems. We offer the following Packages with a combination of services to best suit your specific needs.

Support Packages

Individual Standard Premium Elite
Support Access mail mail mail mail or telephone
Help and Developer Center
Support Coverage Business Hours
(1 region)
Business Hours
(1 region)
Business Hours
(2 regions)
24 / 7
Target Response Times Pro Standard Premium Elite
Customer Success Manager (CSM)    
Onboarding Online Online CSM-led CSM-led
Success Plans    
Value Project(s)     max 10 h. max 30 h.
Quarterly Business Reviews    
Access to CARTO-organized communities of practice    
Product Updates Online Online CSM-led review CSM-led review
Feature Request elevation      
Technical Advising Services     max. 40h max. 80h

Service Details

Help Center and Developer Center

CARTO offers a robust set of training material, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and best practices for both non-technical and technical users. For general best practices documentation, visit our Help Center at carto.com/help. For more technical best practices documentation, visit our Developer Center at carto.com/developers.

Community Support

Users without an Enterprise Support plan have access to our Help Center, Developer Center, and Stack Exchange community forum.

GIS Stack Exchange is the most popular community in the geospatial industry. This is a collaboratively-edited question and answer site for geospatial programmers and technicians. It is a fantastic resource for asking technical questions about developing and maintaining your application.

Members of the CARTO team regularly monitor the carto tag. You can also add additional tags to your question in order to attract the attention of experts in related technologies.

When posting a new question, please consider the following:

  • Read the GIS Stack Exchange help and how to ask pages for guidelines and tips about posting questions.
  • Be very clear about your question in the subject. A clear explanation helps those trying to answer your question, as well as those who may be looking for information in the future.
  • Be informative in your post. Details, code snippets, logs, screenshots, etc. help others to understand your problem.
  • Use code that demonstrates the problem. It is very hard to debug errors without sample code to reproduce the problem.

Support Coverage

Who Is Entitled to Support?

  • Users of the CARTO Platform are entitled to support according to their Support Package, described above. CARTO is not responsible for providing support to end users of CARTO-powered applications.

Standard Business Hours

CARTO Support provides business hours coverage across 2 regions:

  • European Region ( 9am - 6pm Central European Time (CET) )
  • American Region ( 8am - 5pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) )

Standard Business Hours coverage is determined by your selected Support Package. For those customers on a Standard Package, you will be offered the option of selecting 1 of the regions as your indicated coverage times. For those customers on a Premium Package, “business hours” are defined by the indicated hours across both regions. CARTO works in good faith to respond to all submitted issues in a timely fashion.

24/7 Support

Customers with an Elite Support Package are provided with 24/7 support for P1 and P2 priority issues (see more here on issue classification). Customers with an Elite Support Package will be given specific access information and guidance regarding how and when to leverage 24/7 support.

Customer Success Manager (CSM)

Customer Success Managers at CARTO bring geospatial expertise and hands-on guidance in applying Location Intelligence to business needs based on our experience working with hundreds of enterprise customers in diverse industries and fields. CSM’s also act as the “voice of the customer” communicating to and, as needed, connecting customers with Product, Support, and other CARTO teams.

Technical Solution Advisor

Technical Solution Advisors partner with a customer and their CSM to be a regular resource for providing technical and architectural guidance to best leverage the CARTO platform in their environment. Technical Solution Advisors review and evaluate your technical architecture and how CARTO is being leveraged within your solution, as well as provide concrete action plans for improving and enhancing your use of CARTO within your organization.

Submitting a support issue

Support issues should be submitted via the indicated email address based on your selected Support Package. Customers with an Elite Support Package are given access to a telephone number where support issues can be submitted as well.

Issue and Severity Classification

All support issues received will be first triaged and assigned a prioritization level based on the severity of the reported issue. CARTO will work to first investigate and understand the issue at hand to ensure the appropriate severity level is assigned.

CARTO classifies support issues as follows:

Classification Description
P1 Critical issue; full service is unusable
P2 Issue with significant operational impact
P3 Issue with limited operational impact and general questions

Customers should indicate the level of impact being experienced when submitting their support request. This will give CARTO’s Support Engineering team a sense of the potential impact and urgency of the issue. CARTO’s Support Engineering team will ultimately determine the issue severity based on initial investigation and correspondence with the issue submitter.

Target Response Times (business hours)

Severity Individual Standard Premium Elite
P1 8 4 2 1*
P2 12 6 4 2*
P3 24 16 8 6


  • All response times are expressed in business hours, except for Elite P1 and P2 issues(*) that are expressed in regular hours.
  • See more here on issue and severity classification.