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How to import BigQuery datasets to CARTO

Importing BigQuery datasets to CARTO.

This tutorial demonstrates how to import BigQuery datasets to CARTO.


The CARTO BigQuery Connector allows you to import datasets from Google BigQuery into CARTO. You can then use CARTO to create easy-to-share map dashboards, perform spatial data science analysis or create spatial applications.

Importing your BigQuery dataset

  • After signing in to CARTO, you must select the “New dataset” option in the menu bar.


  • In the “Add datasets” screen, you must choose the BigQuery connector in the Database section.


  • Then you must click the Connect button:


  • You will be redirected to Google in order to authorize the connection from CARTO to BigQuery. First you have to select a Google Cloud account that has permission to access your BigQuery datasets:


  • After you have selected your account, you must click on the Allow button to authorize access.


  • Then the dialog for specifying the BigQuery connection parameters is shown. You need to select the Google Cloud Project that will run the queries (and be charged with the expenses) from the Billing Project ID dropdown list. You also need to specify the SQL query that will be run.


  • Finally you need to scroll down and select a name for the new CARTO dataset your BigQuery data will be imported to. After you have entered these three parameters, the RUN SQL QUERY button will be enabled.


  • Then you need to click the RUN SQL QUERY button. The SQL query is verified and sync options are shown if everything is correct. You can specify the frequency for updating your CARTO dataset.


  • Finally you must click the CONNECT DATASET button to begin the import operation. When the operation finishes, you will be presented with a preview of the dataset. From this screen you can create a map with the dataset you just imported.