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Maximize operational efficiency and make smarter decisions on your network to gain market share and become more customer-centric through Location Intelligence.

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See how you can monetize your mobile event data using spatial analysis to bring greater value to your B2B customers.

Network Deployment & Optimization

Use spatial analytics to deliver the best and most profitable network possible using Location Intelligence. Whether it’s FTTH, 4G or UBB deployment, use your organization’s internal data and CARTO’s Data Observatory to increase ARPU, reduce churn and lead your market from the front. 


Telco Data Monetization

Accelerate your data monetization revenues and provide Location Intelligence by applying spatial analytics to your mobile network event data with CARTO. Impress your clients across all sectors in pre-sale and post-sale by delivering visualizations which bring to life the business insights created by telecommunications data.

Telco Data Monetization
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Client Challenge

Telefónica's specialist Big Data unit, LUCA, wanted to visualize billions of anonymized and aggregated mobile data events to gain insights on commuting patterns in the city of Madrid.

CARTO’s Solution

CARTO Builder allowed LUCA's Big Data team to bring origin destination matrixes to life, using widgets to isolate certain OD pairs - allowing them to identify high potential areas for car sharing and new public transport routes.

Client Challenge

Utility companies want to use spatial analytics to understand energy usage in order to optimize their network operations and to know where to make future investments in infrastructure.

CARTO’s Solution

With CARTO Builder and Engine, Utility companies are able to democratize the use of Location Intelligence in their organization - making geospatial available to more than a handful of GIS experts to drive key infrastructure decisions.

Utility Analysis

Understand patterns and trends related to utility consumption and capacity. Get on top of infrastructure challenges, streamline outage management and plan maintenance and construction for maximum efficiency. Let CARTO boost your operational output through the power of location.


Fleet Routing & Tracking

Optimize your fleet’s performance, reducing costs and optimizing routing using Location Intelligence. Whether it’s tower maintenace, smart meter or WiFi installation - harness the power of CARTO to track your team, saving your organization valuable time and money.

Fleet Routing  & Tracking

Client Challenge

A range of logistics and waste disposal management companies want to optimize their operations by leveraging location data to reduce their operational costs.

CARTO’s Solution

CARTO Engine has a series of advanced routing algorithms, enabling the creation of apps which bring together internal and external data to identify optimal routes and territories for your operations.

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