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Fast data preparation with advanced geospatial visualizations

As technology partners, CARTO and Alteryx are teaming up to provide an engaging, intuitive experience for visually analyzing and interacting with Alteryx workflow outputs on a beautiful, dynamic CARTO map. Easily prepare, blend, and analyze local and cloud data from multiple sources in repeatable workflows with Alteryx, then quickly map, visually analyze, and explore the results in CARTO to maximize your analysis and extract the most location intelligence.

With the CARTO connector you will overcome the limitations of visualization tools when it comes to location data by leveraging CARTO’s capabilities to handle large datasets, multiple layers, and advanced spatial analytics, ultimately accelerating the ability to uncover hidden trends that describe a myriad of complex business issues.

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  • Easy to scale

    Easy to scale

    Up to hundreds of millions records, CARTO is a scalable solution for advanced predictive and spatial analytics. Work with all your data without a point, polygon, and layer limit.

  • Fast iteration

    Fast iteration, effortless collaboration

    Quickly find the right answer by iterating on workflows in Alteryx and syncing results with advanced mapping visualizations in CARTO. Share interactive visualizations on the web or mobile apps to power real-time collaboration to solve problems that matter.

  • No coding required

    No coding required

    Keep data updated in real-time, and keep the results fueling powerful visualizations for deeper insights — all through an easy drag and drop workflow without having to write one line of code.

Retail store trade area analysis

In the retail space, understanding your customer base in relation to competitive threats is a must. By conducting a revenue risk assessment, retailers are able to pinpoint their stores and customer network within a given radius and evaluate, of those customers, what percentage is at risk for leaving for a local competitor, and then ultimately how much lost revenue is at stake.

With the CARTO connector, you’ll be able to run multiple Alteryx workflows and update a CARTO dashboard in real time to visualize multiple layers and polygons. Adjust attributes on the fly, like the trade area radius, to see an accurate depiction of a store’s network and drill down into the specific segmentation of your customer base by store.

From Alteryx to CARTO

Maximize the power of Alteryx’s data processing capabilities by seamlessly connecting your workflow outputs to CARTO for further filtering that will allow you to visualize, explore, and analyze your location data in real time dashboards, all powered by CARTO’s geospatial engine. Build the perfect user experience for each use case with a complete collection of interactive widgets.

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