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Excel connector with CARTO

Transform your data insights from your spreadsheets

Excel is one the most powerful and traditional tools for business data analysis and data crunching. With the Excel connector you can transform your data to discover and predict trends and patterns using geospatial analysis with CARTO Builder’s drag and drop functionality for an easy and seamless analysis process. You’ll have the power of tradition backed with the future in location data analysis.

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  • Easy import


    It’s as simple as dragging and dropping your files into CARTO to start analyzing and visualizing your data. We want you to explore the world without limits so connect as many datasets as your account allows.

  • Sync


    CARTO makes it easy to manage your data and keep it updated. Wherever you store your files you can maintain them by easily synchronizing your datasets through our cloud-based platform.

  • Share your maps


    Share your work on the web or privately with coworkers. CARTO makes it easy to secure and manage team collaboration at scale. Boost business productivity by facilitating cross-team understanding of your data with our widget driven dashboards.

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