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The flexibility of the Google Drive connector allows for unparalleled modes of access to your data. Our Google Drive connector allows you to consult and continue analysing your data from right where you left off, on any computer, as local changes made on your computer are automatically mirrored in Drive.

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    Google Drive connector in CARTO allows you to store a diverse group of files without leaving the cloud. You can upload any type of file and convert them to a Google based document format that allows for easy integration into your visualizations.

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    Easy to use

    With the Google Drive connector your datasets connect seamlessly, allowing for multiple types of analysis based on data straight from your Google accounts. Our web-based drag and drop analysis tool enables the straightforward discovery and prediction of key insights.

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    CARTO makes it easy to secure and manage team collaboration at scale. With CARTO Builder you can easily build powerful location-based applications that you can not only publish on the web but privately share with others.

Add location to your data

There is no need to download big data files to your computer as our Google Drive connector easily connects your data from Google Drive to your CARTO account. The Google Drive connector enables dynamic filtering and exploration of large location datasets through a complete collection of interactive widgets that can accelerate analytic computations.

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    Start creating a new map or just connect a new dataset, all from your dashboard.

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    Connect with Google Drive

    Connect with your Google Drive account securely and use your data from there.

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    Get Insights

    Create maps that unveil the insights behind your data. Geocode and augment your rows if needed.

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