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Understanding user location and segmentation have traditionally not been easy. Now you can easily understand how your user base reacts to your email campaigns - even in real time - and get insights about how your clients use our segmentation layers and much more.

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    See how your user base is distributed worldwide. Use it as a dashboard or as a data-driven map for your reports.

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    Watch the expansion of your user base in an animated map that you will be able to share with your colleagues or friends.

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    Understand who and how your users are. Add demographic information, or do easy geospatial analysis to fully unveil the secrets behind your user base data.

From MailChimp to CARTO in 3 simple steps

All done from the CARTO dashboard — connect with your MailChimp account, use all the stored data in your mailing lists, and create easy maps and datasets.

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    Get started

    Start creating a new map or just connect a new dataset, all from your dashboard.

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    Connect with Mailchimp

    Connect with Mailchimp and select the campaigns or lists you want to map.

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    Get Insights

    Create maps that help you understand your users. From trends to demographic insights.

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