Enhance your business intelligence with advanced geo‑analytical capabilities

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Improve your location analysis and data visualizations

CARTO’s location intelligence platform complements Qlik®, enabling real-time map visualizations and advanced geo‑analytical capabilities on any device through a powerful suite of APIs.

Built to perform at scale, start understanding how the combination of business data and location intelligence can provide insights about the current, future, and hidden trends in your data. CARTO with Qlik® makes it easy to embed advanced geo‑analytical capabilities directly into your business intelligence visualizations, dashboards, and apps.

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    CARTO performs at scale with real-time visualizations and advanced geo-analytical capabilities for big data, processing hundreds of millions of location records through a set of APIs.

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    Embed CARTO’s advanced geo‑analytical capabilities and dashboards within your application or directly inside Qlik®.

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    Batteries included

    CARTO enriches your enterprise data in Qlik® with versatile and relevant data, such as demographics or census data, algorithmically tailoring geospatial operations. You won’t have to build your own segmentation—you can
 use ours.

Visualize millions of points in CARTO from Qlik®

Explore the full potential of your data and the power of CARTO’s location analysis system. At any time you can bring your outputs from CARTO back into Qlik®.

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