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Using CARTO for Splunk App, visualize and analyze a large quantity of data to provide insights into your company’s operations. Derive better business analytics through the power of data-driven maps. Filter, aggregate, and transform your data to find hidden insights or visualize your data over time.

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    Use the CARTO for Splunk App to select the data and dates you are interested in and visualize your insights in a whole new way with efficient, fast, and stylish methods to animate your data.

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    CARTO allows you to see patterns and trends in your data and make better decisions using customizable dashboard widgets and multiple styling options to create impactful visualizations within Splunk.

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    Extract insights from data-driven maps. Enhance your capabilities to visualize, analyze, and gain geospatial awareness about your organization.

From Splunk to CARTO

CARTO allows for instantaneous analysis with a simple drag and drop of your data. Our powerful APIs let you build, expand, and personalize your data-driven visualizations for better business insights.

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    Create a Map

    Start creating a new dataset or map from your dashboard.

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    Upload your file

    Upload your data files in our dashboard to visualize your data.

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    Customize your maps or datasets with a just a few clicks — quick and easy.

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