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Incorporate public opinion for strategic development

With the Twitter connector you can seamlessly view the opinions of the world that influence your business decisions while harnessing feedback that informs and influences strategic decision making. Share how the world reacts to events and news in real time, locate their center of gravity, and forecast emerging spatial trends. More than just an analysis of tweets, Location Intelligence provides context.

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    Search multiple hashtags and terms to discover what’s trending with our Twitter connector’s real-time access to global conversations.

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    Add relevant layers to your Twitter data, such as demographics or census data, to tailor operations and insights with algorithmic precision.

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    Using the Twitter connector with CARTO Builder enables visualization, dynamic filtering, and exploration of large location datasets through a complete collection of interactive widgets that can execute and accelerate analytic computations.

Add location to your data

With the Twitter connector you can search for terms or hashtags, discrete temporal ranges, or analyze tweets in real time. Get direct access to the Twitter database and see how the world reacts on a map.

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    Get started

    Start creating a new map or just connect a new dataset, all from your dashboard.

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    Connect with Twitter

    Connect with Twitter and search for the terms that you are interested in.

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    Get Insights

    Create maps that unveil the insights behind the tweets. From trends to demographic insights.

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