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CARTO Maps into Microsoft SharePoint

This guide describes how you can embed any CARTO map into Microsoft SharePoint, by using the Embed code provided in the publishing options from CARTO Builder.

Getting your Embed code

CARTO provides the HTML code (as an iframe needed to embed your map). To access the link, select any map in Builder, click Share, and copy the link from the Embed it publish option. This code is needed for pasting into your SharePoint site.

Embedding in SharePoint

To embed your map in SharePoint, follow these steps:

  1. Login to SharePoint and navigate to the SharePoint site where you want to add your CARTO map.

  2. From the “PAGE” ribbon in SharePoint, click “Edit” to enable editing mode.

  3. Place your cursor at the point in the page where you want the CARTO map to appear.

    A popup will appear with a place to paste the Embed code from your CARTO visualization. You should paste your visualization’s embed code in this box.

  4. From the INSERT ribbon in SharePoint, select “Embed Code”, and paste your CARTO embed code.

    You may want to change the default width and height dimensions of your CARTO map. To alter these dimensions, simply change the numbers associated with the dimensions in the embed code.

  5. When your previewed map appears correctly, click Insert to embed the CARTO visualization in the page.

  6. When you are ready to publish your SharePoint page with the embedded CARTO map, go to the FORMAT TEXT ribbon, and click the Save and Publish. All your colleagues can see the new CARTO map you created on your SharePoint page.

External Resources

View the Microsoft documentation about Displaying a Web Page on SharePoint for images and instructions on how to use their software.