Raster and Vector basemaps to make your application shine

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Basemaps for everybody

Designed for data visualization, so that overlaying data looks amazing, these basemaps provide optimum results. Custom basemaps are available using standard XYZ map tile URLs (raster) with retina support or as vector maps (GL).

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    Data updates

    Continuous data updates based on open data sources like OpenStreetMap.

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    Designed for data

    Your data will always fit over these basemaps. Use Tangram Play or work with us to design your basemaps or further customize them.

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    Scalable and performative

    All maps are cached through a global CDN with more than 30 POPs providing accurate maps.

How to use them

For raster basemaps you can make use of them directly without an API KEY. Remember that to use the basemaps you need to ensure you provide proper credit and that in some cases you will need a commercial API KEY to use them.

Commercial API key

Our commercial offering extends the capabilities of the free service with enterprise capabilities. Additionally you will need a commercial API KEY in case of:

  1. You use the basemap service for commercial purposes. The basemap is used inside an application or website that requires payment, is private or is used for asset-tracking.
  2. You require a Service Level Agreement on the basemap service. We do not provide any SLA’s on our free offering.
  3. You require more than 75,000 mapviews per month, which is the limit for our free service.
  4. You require a custom map design. On our free service we provide 2 map designs, Dark Matter and Positron for raster.

When you get a commercial license you will get an api_key to attach to your tile requests. Contact us to get a quote and discuss different possibilities.

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