From plain text to geometries

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Every location has geometry

Whether you're starting with a list of cities, street or IP address, you can turn plain text into location coordinates with our built-in geocoder. Custom geocode your data by country, county, or municipality.

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    Permanent storage

    Save and store the results of your geocoding query to your database and make them part of an analytical workflow.

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    Search locally, find globally

    Apply local searches that combine the best nearby search results with the best matches from around the world.

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    A powerful toolset

    All the power of PostgreSQL and PostGIS at your fingertips. Start using our geocoding services with the tools you already know.

Using the Geocoder

If you are using APIs and datasets from the CARTO library or an SQL API, you can make your data visible in your maps by geocoding the dataset programmatically. From country to postal codes - turn plain text into geometries and improve location based insights.

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