Advanced analysis for solving the most complex location challenges

The Location Intelligence Interface for Data Scientists

Easily bring maps, location data, and spatial analysis into your current data science environments with CARTOframes. Share results in interactive location apps and act on complex analysis faster than ever.

With CARTO, data scientists can:
  • Spatially analyze and build spatial models from any database including Hadoop and AWS

  • Integrate spatial data science easily into your ETL workflows

  • Leverage Location Data Services and Data streams directly in Python

  • Synchronize model results with the CARTO platform or Location Intelligence solutions

The most advanced Spatial Data Science platform for businesses today

Understand patterns, predict spatial changes, and plan your next business move with best in class spatial analysis and data modeling technology.

Use spatial data science to solve problems in:
  • Territory Management

    Increase business performance and revenue with effective distribution of people or resources across all your sales and service territories

  • Logistics Optimization

    Determine the best location for distribution centers, plan optimal routes, and provide timely service to your customers while driving down costs

  • Site Planning

    Spatial modelling enables organizations to understand potential performance and revenue before opening a new location or planning ad campaigns

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