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More than 270 innovators, practitioners, and thought leaders from the global geospatial community gathered to discuss how location data is disrupting business, governments, and society.

  • Healthcare & Pharma

    Alberto Velasco Niña

    Data & Analytics Corporate Director at Sanitas

    Alberto Velasco Niña explains how Sanitas — a large, integrated healthcare system — successfully implemented leading-edge analytics and location intelligence.

  • Cities & Government

    Luis Cueto and Avichai Bakst

    Vice Mayor of Madrid and Head of Partnerships at Waze

    The City of Madrid partnered with CARTO and Waze to improve local mobility through crowdsourced traffic insights.

  • Telco & Utilities

    Raffaele Gricinella

    Strategic B2B Marketing Director at Vodafone

    Vodafone, a leading Telco company, uses Location Intelligence to power its Vodafone Analytics solution. This solution provides better services to customers, allowing them to make strategic decisions based on precise, accurate location data.

  • Telco & Utilities

    Héctor García

    CEO & Founder of Geographica

    Héctor García, CEO & Founder of Geographica, talks about how his company creates geospatial data applications and dashboards to take better business decisions.

  • Telco & Utilities

    Charlie Vayas

    Business Manager at Telefónica Ecuador

    Telefónica, Spain's premier broadband and telecommunication company, simplifies BI analytics using interactive, responsive data visualizations that clients find appealing and accessible.

  • Real Estate

    Paula Juliá

    COO at Geographica

    Geographica discusses the benefits of partnering with CARTO and the ease of using our platform when building solutions that make data count.

  • Retail

    Rodrigo Sarmiento

    Co-founder at Descifra

    Descifra, a global location analytics provider, discusses how CARTO's scalable geographical computing platform helped the startup expand while also providing exceptional customer service.

  • Banking & Insurance

    Carlos Javier Lara Esteban

    Responsable of Innovation & Tools at Securitas Direct

    Securitas Direct, one of Europe's leading home alarm providers, worked with CARTO to create Compass, a territory management tool led to more efficient sales territory alignment.

  • Telco & Utilities

    Oliver Reigosa Rubianes

    Senior Business Intelligence Analyst at Endesa

    Endesa, a leader in the Spanish electric power industry, revised past approaches to geospatial analysis of service networks with CARTO to monitor current power usage and identify where new customer service centers were needed.

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