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Thousands of private and public sector clients from around the world have used our Location Intelligence platform to propel their business to success. Find out geospatial has helped them increase revenues, reduce costs and mitigate risk.

  • Data Science & Development

    Chad W. Jennings

    Product Manager for BigQuery at Google

    Chad Jennings, Product Manager at Google BigQuery discusses how the GIS field is evolving and what issues the final user faces.

  • Data Science & Development

    Chad W. Jennings & Javier de la Torre

    Product Manager for BigQuery at Google & Founder and CSO at CARTO

    CARTO's founder chats with Chad Jennings from Google BigQuery about their recent collaboration around public datasets as part of the Data Observatory.

  • Data Science & Development

    Richard Sutton

    VP Geospatial at Skyhook

    Richard Sutton, VP Geospatial at Skyhook, shares how they are using Spatial Data Science to boost the performance of their mobile location services business.

  • Retail

    Neera Chatterjee

    Senior Product Manager at Instacart

    Neera Chatterjee, Senior Product Manager at Instacart, talks about how spatial analysis has allowed their business to scale faster by planning territories more effectively.

  • Retail

    Lindsay Hirschhorn

    Data & BI Lead at

    Lindsay Hirschorn, Data & BI Lead at talks about how they use CARTO to predict seasonal trends and consumer behaviour by location.

  • Real Estate

    Tim Kiely

    Lead Data Scientist and Head of Research at Hodges Ward Elliot

    Hodges Ward Elliot, a New York City real estate agency, explains the added benefits that CARTO maps provide to clients and subject matter experts.

  • Financial Services

    Angel Nguyen Swift

    VP of Compliance and Financial Crime Solutions at Enigma

    As an operational data management and intelligence company, Enigma is collaborating with CARTO to bring Location Intelligence to FinTech.

  • Cities & Government

    Maksim Pecherskiy

    Chief Data Officer at City of San Diego

    Mobility planning presents major challenges for cities in the near future, but CARTO Traffico is helping the City of San Diego prepare today.

  • Retail

    Rodrigo Sarmiento

    Co-founder at Descifra

    Descifra, a global location analytics provider, discusses how CARTO's scalable geographical computing platform helped the startup expand while also providing exceptional customer service.

  • Utilities & Telco

    Raffaele Gricinella

    Strategic B2B Marketing Director at Vodafone

    Vodafone, one of the world's largest telcos, uses Location Intelligence to power its Vodafone Analytics solution, providing spatial mobile data insights to their enterprise clients in Retail, Real Estate and the Public Sector.

  • Cities & Government

    Françoise Pickart

    Director of Risk Analyst at NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

    CARTO helps NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene develop an analytic and geospatial skillset.

  • Cities & Government

    Luis Cueto and Avichai Bakst

    Vice Mayor of Madrid and Head of Partnerships at Waze

    The City of Madrid partnered with CARTO and Waze to improve mobility planning and commuting analysis through crowdsourced traffic insights.

  • Business Intelligence & Analytics

    Juan José Casado

    Data & Analytics Corporate Director at Sanitas

    Sanitas (part of the BUPA group), an international healthcare provider, created interactive spatial analyses using location data on current medical facilities, catchment area demographics, and nearby competitors to build robust clinic profiles and implement precise site strategies centered on improving patient services.

  • Utilities & Telco

    Charlie Vayas

    Business Manager at Telefónica Ecuador

    Telefónica, Spain's premier broadband and telecommunication company, simplifies BI analytics using interactive, responsive data visualizations that clients find appealing and accessible.

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