How do we define routing?

Routing is the process of finding the fastest or shortest routes between start and end locations considering a series of different constraints. Using routing software you can optimize the order of stops, specify stop time windows and avoid congestion or roadworks. Used regularly in Supply Chain Optimization and Territory Management, it is a key component of Location Intelligence.
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What are CARTO’s routing services?

Our Data Services API allows you to access high-quality routing services, powered by our partners TomTom, Mapbox and HERE. As well as gaining turn by turn directions, you can also specify by mode of transport to see differences in routing for pedestrians, cyclists or vehicles - depending on your use case.

Who uses CARTO for routing?

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    Business Leaders

    Business leaders at DHL and DPD lean on CARTO’s supply chain solutions and routing software to optimize their delivery networks - reducing the number of failed deliveries, decreasing the number of routes required & driving down drop off costs.
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    Data Scientists

    Data Scientists from companies such as Instacart, Postmates & use CARTO’s routing services to drive their last-mile delivery analysis, connecting to their Data Science tools (such as Jupyter Notebooks, Databricks & Google BigQuery).
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    Developers build web applications using our APIs to share the results of highly complex routing analyses with people on the front line of the supply chain, providing greater efficiency in delivery services.

Why is routing important for your business?

  • “90% of our branch & team managers use CARTO’s territory planning solutions to manage more than 2,000 sales reps across Europe. Our efficiency & conversion has increased & it’s a key tool in our sales strategy.”

    Javier Turmo,
    National Sales Director at Securitas Direct

  • “With our business in rapid expansion, CARTO has provided a really, easy way to visualize our progress post acquisition. Seeing trends sooner with more spatial context has had a big impact on our growth plans.”

    Lindsay Hirschhorn,
    Data & BI Lead at

  • “Considering spatial data in our aggressive expansion plans has been a key part of our success. By designing our territories in CARTO, we’ve been able to improve customer satisfaction significantly - working closely with our grocery store partners.”

    Neera Chatterjee,
    Senior Product Manager at Instacart

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