Introducing the CARTO Analytics Toolbox for Snowflake

Our Analytics Toolbox is a suite of functions that enhances the geospatial capabilities available in Snowflake. The Analytics Toolbox runs natively within Snowflake’s cloud data platform, leveraging its computational power and scalability and avoiding the need for time consuming ETL processes.

A powerful toolbox to perform scalable spatial analyses

The Analytics Toolbox gives you access to an ever-growing number of geospatial modules to process and analyze your spatial data and transform it into powerful insights.

Run analysis using common geospatial indexes

All core functions are open source and perform fundamental spatial operations, including support for common spatial indexes such as H3, Quadkey, S2 and Placekey.

Unlock advanced spatial functions in Snowflake

Incorporate functions seamlessly into your SQL code to solve common spatial problems, such as clustering.

WITH data AS(
  SELECT geog
  FROM sfcarto.public.starbucks_locations_usa
  WHERE geog IS NOT null
clustered_points AS
    SELECT sfcarto.clustering.ST_CLUSTERKMEANS(ARRAY_AGG(ST_ASGEOJSON(geog)::STRING), 10) AS cluster_arr
    FROM data
SELECT GET(VALUE, 'cluster') AS cluster, TO_GEOGRAPHY(GET(VALUE, 'geom')) AS geom 
FROM clustered_points, lateral FLATTEN(input => cluster_arr)

Ready to unleash geospatial analysis in Snowflake?