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Banking & Insurance

Whether it’s for financial risk assessment or spatial fraud detection, exploiting location data enables financial service organizations to thrive.

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Fraud Detection

Make location your secret weapon to protect, defend and respond. Spatial analytics enables banks or insurance companies to spot anomalies fast - protecting your organization from the economic impact of fraudsters.


Client Challenge

Leading insurance companies want to put spatial analytics at the centre of their Risk Assessment - empowering business users to leverage location in underwriting risk.

CARTO’s Solution

CARTO Builder makes it easy to bring together a wide range of internal and external geolocated datasets including weather, demographic and socioeconomic data. This allows more lending with lower risk using Location Intelligence.

Risk Assessment

Measure and predict risk ahead of time. Optimize your insurance underwriting, perform modelling around location and diversify your portfolio by analyzing your capacity more efficiently. 

Site Planning

Leverage the abundance of location data out there to build an ATM and branch footprint which makes sense for your customers. Whether it’s opening, closing, repurposing or relocation - let Location Intelligence power your decisions.


Client Challenge

A number of leading commercial banks are looking to use spatial analytics to optimize their branch and ATM locations. Whether it's opening, relocating, repurposing and closing sites - they want to make smarter decisions in order to get offline right.

CARTO’s Solution

CARTO Builder empowers business users in the Banking industry to break free from rigid workflows, creating high-value gravity models which truly understand the growing importance of omnichannel. CARTO makes Site Planning simple and accessible.

Data Monetization

A rapidly growing number of banks and insurance companies now have Chief Data Officers - whose mission is to monetize data both internally and externally. Using spatial analytics to extract insights from the large volumes of location data created in the Financial Services industry is crucial for CDO's to succeed.



Analyze, target and acquire new customers using demographic and socioeconomic spatial analytics to boost your market share. Make your campaigns more data-driven, accelerate your conversion rates through location and find new opportunities to boost revenues.


Client Challenge

A range of our B2C customers want to understand how to target and measure the success of their online and offline marketing campaigns using location data.

CARTO’s Solution

CARTO Builder makes it simple for anyone in a B2C organization to create intuitive Geomarketing and Performance Management visualizations - generating actionable insights for marketers without GIS expertise.

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