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Journalism & Media

Data storytelling doesn’t have to be difficult. Use location data to spread the word and bring your brand to life in a way your audience understands.

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Compelling Data Journalism

Mashable, a leading media outlet, uses CARTO's satellite imagery to view the construction of Tesla's gigafactory in the Nevada desert. An image provided to Mashable by CARTO shows how far the electric car manufacturer has come in building the factory. The satellite basemap is the foundation for visualizing a range of hidden information.


An Objective Spin on Election Season with Real-Time Maps

Many questions posed to candidates and seasoned politicians come from the live streaming of Google searches, tweets, and other social media feeds. That’s where citizen discussion happens in real time. Having that information in a concise way, provides journalist with great context for their live reports.

Google Trends

Client Challenge

Google wanted a simple way to visualize Google Trends data in real-time during election season - telling the story behind millions of search queries.

CARTO’s Solution

CARTO's robust range of APIs allowed Google to automate this process - connecting search queries to a high-quality cloud-based Location Intelligence solution.


Client Challenge

Twitter wanted to tell their stories through location data - making it easy for their audience to understand the social trends that can be extracted from geolocated tweets around the US during major events like the Superbowl.

CARTO’s Solution

CARTO's web-based drag and drop analysis tool makes it easy for business users to create these visualizations fast - bringing breaking news or trends to life in a matter of minutes.

Gage Social Sentiment

Analyze, understand and target your customers using demographic and socioeconomic spatial analytics. Make your campaigns more data-driven, accelerate your conversion rates through location and find new opportunities to boost revenues.

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