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Supercharge your Site Planning with Location Intelligence.

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In-store sales will still make up 75 to 85% of retail sales by 2025. Whether you're opening, relocating, closing or repurposing a site, a bad location decision can cost you millions.

Faster & higher quality insights

  • Contextualize internal data on business performance to uncover site gaps ahead of your competitors.
  • Quickly identify sites that are similar to your highest-performing sites in different territories.
  • Predict the success of prospective new locations before investing.
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Faster & higher quality insights
Easier access to LI across your organization

Easier access to LI across your organization

  • Make Location Intelligence accessible beyond your organization’s GIS or BI teams.
  • Share dashboards, or printable PDF reports and CSV exports across the organization.
  • Collaborate in “projects” to analyze data around several prospective locations simultaneously.
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Best-in-class location data streams

  • High-quality data streams curated within the solution - saving your team time in gathering different data sets from different vendors.
  • Analyze an address, one of your existing sites or even your competitors.
  • Easily compare data for different locations to understand performance vs the city or region.
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Best-in-class location data streams


  • Reduced risk of failure

    Fewer failed Site Planning decisions - creating a more profitable site network.

  • Learn what really impacts your performance

    Understand which factors do or do not move the needle for your sites.

  • No GIS experts needed

    Reduce your reliance on your GIS team and let your business users select sites independently.

Data available

  • Demographic & Socioeconomic

    Census, Open and Mobile profiling data.

  • Transactional & Economic

    Credit card transactions and ATM withdrawals.

  • Real Estate

    Price per square foot /m2.

  • Points of Interest

    Competitor density.

  • Pedestrian Traffic

    Derivative foot traffic data sets.

  • … and much more

    Find out more about our Data Streams.

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