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Capture the geospatial power of crowdsourced traffic data for your city.

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Citizens in every city use smartphones to navigate through traffic, yet only a handful of local governments use Waze data to make their cities smarter.

Make better infrastructure decisions

Make better infrastructure decisions

  • Drive smarter urban planning
  • Use historic data to plan ahead
  • Minimize disruptions to your city

Know what’s happening on your roads in real-time

  • Get incident information faster than ever before
  • Diversify reporting methods to gain greater insight
  • Measure a real-time traffic pulse of your city
Know what’s happening on your roads in real-time
Reduce traffic congestion

Reduce traffic congestion

  • Analyze past traffic data to minimize traffic jams
  • Optimize traffic management
  • Go beyond sensors and cameras

Increase the efficiency of incident response

  • Save resources by getting to incidents faster
  • Gain information on incidents not picked up by cameras
  • Reduce the need for expensive hardware to identify incidents
Increase the efficiency of incident response


  • Data Augmentation

    Using a customized version of Traffico for your city.

  • Integrate multiple data streams

    Extracting value from your existing traffic data as well as new third party streams.

  • Explore historical traffic data

    Allowing you to analyze traffic patterns at peak times, or during major events and public holidays.

  • Improve your outreach

    Notifying citizens of potential disruptions or closures.

  • Monitor traffic KPIs

    Putting location data at the heart of your city’s mobility performance.

  • Share third party data streams automatically

    Enabling your city to reach citizens more efficiently.

Take the fast lane to better traffic management

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