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Transport & Logistics

Use location data to optimize your operational performance, reduce costs and drive a high-performing transport network or supply chain - saving your organization valuable time and money.

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Mobility Planning
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Client Challenge

Telefónica's specialist Big Data unit, LUCA, wanted to visualize billions of anonymized and aggregated mobile data events to gain insights on commuting patterns in the city of Madrid.

CARTO’s Solution

CARTO Builder allowed LUCA's Big Data team to bring origin destination matrixes to life, using widgets to isolate certain OD pairs - allowing them to identify high potential areas for car sharing and new public transport routes.

Mobility Planning

Urban populations are exploding, and extensive innovation in transport methods mean that location data generation is growing exponentially. Capture the value of Location Intelligence by using CARTO to bring out the mobility insights hidden with location data - providing invaluable insights for your transport modelling, OD matrixes and  infrastructure planning. 


Territory Management

Balance and align your territories with CARTO’s Location Intelligence solution. Empower productivity and be ready to redefine geographical boundaries, establishing territories which make sense for your personnel and customers. Use your location data and enrich with our Data Observatory to make your operation location-centric.

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Fleet Routing & Tracking

Optimize your fleet’s performance, reducing costs and optimizing routing using Location Intelligence. Whether it’s road maintenance, waste disposal or health care visits - harness the power of CARTO to track your team, saving your organization valuable time and money.

Fleet Routing & Tracking
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