From thousands to millions of data point

Deploy Torque.js on the Client to Render Big, Time Series Data


What is Torque.js?

Torque.js is an efficient, fast, and stylish rendering method to bring your data to life. Torque.js uses TorqueTiles to render data on the client. TorqueTiles are JSON representations of multidimensional data with geospatial coordinates.

Animate your data

Torque. js allows you to create dynamic visualizations from temporal datasets that are fully customizable.

Filter huge datasets in the browser

Torque.js compresses large datasets so they can be visualized and filtered directly on the web.


How it works

Torque.js uses CARTO to generate the TorqueTiles format by default. If you are not using CARTO to host your data, you can modify the input parameters to point toward any TorqueTiles service. Style and customize your animation with the same ease as CartoCSS.

Read the TorqueTiles specification

Getting started

Take a look at the simplest way to create a visualization using Torque.js

Your TorqueTiles provider

Export TorqueTiles from your CARTO account or use a local Postgres installation.

Generate your own TorqueTiles Install

Open source, what else?

We have a very strong commitment to open source code. Torque.js is an open source library developed by CARTO. Take a look at the repository to help us maintain and develop the library.

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