Happy PostGIS day!


This post may describe functionality for an old version of CARTO. Find out about the latest and cloud-native version here.
Happy PostGIS day!

Yesterday was GIS day so naturally today and the next 364 days are PostGIS days. In order to celebrate a year of PostGIS days we’ve made this little map which we hope you like.

Like GIS Day PostGIS day is a grassroots effort open to everyone and is a wonderful opportunity to let people know about mapping spatial operations and discuss with friends the deep impact that maps digital or otherwise have had on our global culture and society.

It is no secret that CartoDB runs on top of PostGIS and we can not be more proud of. Sandro Santilli is our PostGIS guru here and is one of the core committers to the project. He is releasing GEOS_3.3.6 for the day. The release fixes a segfault (meaning a backend crash) that occurred on some hard topological operations (e.g. ST_Union ST_Intersection etc..). This is our present to PostGIS and we are sure everybody will enjoy a bit more stability :)

So from us to you have a happy and wonderful 364 days of PostGIS and happy mapping.