Mastercard Geographic Insights updated with new features & metrics


Built using a more powerful Quadkey framework & including new industry segments, Mastercard Geographic Insights allows for deeper & more granular insights.

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Mastercard Geographic Insights updated with new features & metrics

Mastercard Geographic Insights has been helping business leaders across industries to make more informed decisions and better understand their customers. A solution that allows users to easily visualize and derive insights from aggregated and anonymized Mastercard transaction data—Mastercard Geographic Insights is a proven powerful solution for leaders in retail real estate investment and more.

The latest update of Mastercard Geographic Insights is built on a more powerful Quadkey framework which allows for more granular insights. Equipped with a host of new features and categories Mastercard Geographic Insights is a must-have analytics solution. Read on for more detail on the latest update.

Screenshot showing the latest version of Mastercard Geographic Insights

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Quadkey Framework for Custom Location Insights

Built on Quadkey technology the Mastercard Geographic Insights solution now provides expanded options and functionality for users. Quadkeys which are a new grid identification methodology allow geospatial platforms to pinpoint locations at any spatial scale without the use of latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates.

By integrating Quadkeys a user's view into retail insights is expanded to enable custom areas without pre-defined boundaries in addition to the distinct units previously used (such as block group county zip code).

Screenshot showing the latest version of Mastercard Geographic Insights

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Greater Consistency with New Spend Index

In this latest version of Mastercard Geographic Insights spend details have advanced from a ranking system to a new Spend Index providing greater clarity of spending patterns and improved insights over time. Along with these additions new metrics have been added to Mastercard Geographic Insights to continue to provide granular insights into spend patterns. These include:

  • Total Accounts Index
  • Average Spend per Account Index
  • Average Frequency (transaction count) per Account Index

The new Spend Index now includes more options for analyzing data over specific time ranges. Instead of viewing scores by month indexes can now be explored by the month week even the day. And with added functionality to create comparisons between distinct time ranges the Mastercard Geographic Insights solution will now make understanding sales and retail growth simpler and more precise than before.

A Clearer Understanding with New Categories and Boosted Filtering

In addition to the above improvements that make Mastercard Geographic Insights an even more powerful solution for granular data exploration and comparative analysis this latest version incorporates new industry categories for greater detail and segmentation. Categories that broaden the appeal of Mastercard Geographic Insights to analysts across dozens of industries including:

  • Accommodations
  • Automotive/Fuel
  • Grocery and Food Stores

This data can be further segmented by international and domestic spend providing another level of detail into the behaviors of customers and prospective customers.

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Mastercard Geographic Insights provides users with a superior understanding of consumer spending behavior. With an array of new and enhanced features that understanding provides the user with deeper insights and rich granular detail to make informed timely business decisions with exciting outcomes.

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