Welcome Eva


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Welcome Eva

Eva Cabanach

We are excited to introduce Eva Cabanach who returns to Madrid from London to join the CartoDB team! Eva will be helping grow our community of users through dedicated outreach.

Eva is an avid traveller who trekked to China Brussels Paris Berlin and Porto last year alone. Next up she wants to finally visit New York City! When not travelling Eva enjoys reading shopping and supporting Real Madrid.

Although a native of Madrid Eva spent the past 4 years enjoying all that London has to offer including it's many hidden gems and shopping. London is her second favorite city - after Madrid of course!

Eva's professional background is in digital marketing. She most recently worked for two large agencies and managed all the lifecycle campaigns for Paypal - across 24 different regions and 12 languages!

Eva is greatly inspired by the power of maps as a storytelling tool. Her favorite CartoDB maps are the animated ones especially Torque maps.

Welcome Eva!