Welcome Michelle


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Welcome Michelle

Michelle Chandra

Allow us to introduce the newest addition to our growing collection of cartographers Michelle Chandra! She’s just joined our NY office where she specializes in showing CartoDB love to our global community.

After having moved around between NorCal SoCal and the Southwest Michelle decided she was tired of awesome weather and moved to NYC to explore the intersection of experimental art and communicative technology at ITP-NYU.

With a professional background in content strategy website management and marketing Michelle is going to fire-up our community team by hosting tutorials curating data creating cool maps and generally documenting CartoDB awesomeness.

Ever seen a double rainbow? Well Michelle has and she was so inspired by it’s beauty (although not as inspired as this guy) that she decided to create this incredible visualization!

As you can see Michelle likes her maps “simple elegant and interesting ” and we’re excited to see what she cooks up next!

Welcome Michelle!