Indoor Mapping & Airport Routing launched by Aena & Telefonica





The Client


Aena is the largest airport management company in the world, with over 275 million passengers passing through its 46 Spanish airports & 23 airports in London-Luton and America last year.

The Challenge

Providing passengers with the best experience at all stages of their journey

Aena wanted to improve navigation for passengers travelling within its airports. They wanted passengers to be able to visualize their entire journey and locate key points of interest such as restaurants, shops, toilets, or security controls, as well as the time required to reach the boarding gate.


AenaMaps: an indoor navigation solution

Thanks to a collaboration between Aena, Telefonica, CARTO, and Situm a new Indoor Mapping solution called ‘AenaMaps’ was launched to assist passengers during their navigation through airport environments and it already opperational at Spain’s 7 main airports.

Available via the Aena app on Android and iOS, routes can be followed both visually and by voice. The maps and routes can also be viewed on Aena’s website.


Cartographic enrichment

During the solution’s development, CARTO participated in the cartographic enrichment of Aena’s airport maps and plans, route development, and architecting this advanced analytics solution.

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