Data Monetization for Credit Card Providers with Location Intelligence





The Client


Since its foundation in 1966, Mastercard has become one of the largest and most recognizable financial services companies in the world. Every hour their customers make over 160 million credit card transactions, which in turn translates into an immense amount of extremely valuable data.

The Challenge

Monetizing a large and varied data set whilst putting safety & security first

Monetizing a resource such as Mastercard’s transaction data comes with many challenges since the data is so diverse in its nature and scope. The principal issues to keep in mind were the absolute safety and security of the data, productizing a wide range of insights, adapting to the diverse needs of a large audience, and the varied insight granularity, which implied the need for aggregation of a vast scope of spatial scales.


MRLI, a custom-tailored spatial solution

Mastercard worked with CARTO and our in-house Professional Services team to launch Mastercard Retail Location Insights (MRLI). This custom-tailored spatial solution allows clients and partners to gain deep insights from their data as well as meeting the challenges that came with the project.



180 years of combined experience, a 25-strong team of Spatial Data Science experts and previous work with over 80 Enterprise organizations

Given the nature of Mastercard’s transaction data and the importance of location to the insights that can be derived from their resource along with the need to build a custom-tailored solution, CARTO was a natural fit to help build the MRLI solution.