Spatial Analytics
for Databricks

Bring powerful geospatial capabilities to the Databricks Lakehouse Platform

Connect, visualize and analyze location data in Databricks

Seamless integration with the Data Lakehouse Platform, unlocking advanced geospatial analysis features.


Seamlessly work with unified location-based datasets hosted in Databricks. Eliminate the complexity of ETL processes and benefit from scalability, reliability and performance for geospatial data workloads.


Using the most advanced open source vector technology for map visualization, CARTO lets you create striking, interactive map visualizations with data hosted in Databricks, in just a few clicks.


Our integration brings geospatial to the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, and opens up core spatial processing and analysis routines using simple Spatial SQL.


Using the CARTO Data Observatory, you can browse, visualize, and subscribe to more than 12,000 relevant spatial data streams for analysis in Databricks.


CARTO includes a complete toolkit of APIs, frameworks, libraries, and templates so you can accelerate your spatial app development cycle on top of Databricks.

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