Credit Card Providers

Credit card data from contactless payments & today’s digital wallet is growing exponentially. Turn your transactions into spatial insights to boost your market share with Location Intelligence.

Retailers, Real Estate firms, & a growing number of other verticals are looking for new data streams to enhance their analysis alongside POI data & foot traffic. Anonymized & aggregated credit card transaction insights provide a new revenue opportunity for credit card providers - enabling them to provide new digital products to their existing customer portfolio.

leads generated for data products

When turning millions of daily transactions into insights that help you cross-sell & upsell more effectively, location is an important piece of the puzzle. Understanding the why behind the where of your customers’ spending habits at the highest granularity possible provides a unique opportunity for your marketing & retention departments.

more departments using spatial insights

Taking the spatial context of consumer profiles into consideration is made much easier with credit card data & transaction insights. Using CARTO, you can more effectively segment your cardholders - profiling different types of users to identify new opportunities across your product portfolio.

increase in campaign ROI


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