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Spatially focused retail analytics is crucial in an era of omnichannel. If your brand is planning to survive & thrive through the retail apocalypse, Location Intelligence is the secret weapon.

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90% of retail transactions still take place offline. Whether it’s opening, closing, repurposing or relocating - using Spatial Data Science to create a profitable offline footprint is more important than ever in the era of omnichannel. Predict revenues, identify twin areas, & use new data streams to monitor performance & plan expansion / consolidation efforts effectively.

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Whether you’re running an OOH campaign, digital advertising campaign or evolving merchandising decisions - understanding where your existing & potential new customers are is fast becoming a differentiator for today’s modern retail marketer. New data streams such consumer insights or human mobility allow you to hypertarget your campaigns at a deep granularity.

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With ecommerce growing at 15% per year globally & on-demand delivery services becoming commonplace in urban areas - consumer expectations have changed drastically. The “Prime-ification” effect means that Retailers have to up their game to optimize how their stores, distribution centers, & logistics partners work together to meet the demands of today’s unrelenting consumer. Spatial techniques & data can enable your team to define efficient territories & routing optimization engines that bring value to your operations.

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Take the pain away from selecting, collecting, and consuming spatial data with our Data Observatory, a one-stop shop for all things geospatial data.

Augment your own data and broaden your analysis with a wide range of curated datasets on standardized spatial aggregations.



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