Monetizing telco data through a spatial lens is crucial to operators to avoid becoming a “dumb pipe”. Go beyond connectivity & explore Big Data & IoT use cases through Location Intelligence.

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Optimizing telco networks isn’t just about rolling out new technologies such as 5G. It is also fundamental to get the right mix of products & services - considering both market requirements & new location data streams that help to understand consumers at a deeper granularity. Decision-makers in telecommunications need to consider deployment objectives, their long-term network planning, marketing strategy & capability build - which require significant geospatial expertise & specific software.

decrease in customer churn

Monetizing mobile event data has become a lucrative business for telcos. A growing number of operators are now pushing their Chief Data Officers & Big Data teams to move beyond internal monetization for marketing & operations - to creating data products that can be sold to B2B clients. Turning billions of local & roaming mobile events into a valuable data product - with a compelling UI for different verticals such as Retail, Tourism & Real Estate - isn’t easy, but we can help you on the journey.

With MVNO’s & OTT players redefining the way telcos communicate with customers, the pressure is on to maximize the profitability & performance of brick & mortar sites. Many operators are consolidating their footprint, with Spatial Data Science playing a key role in understanding how a store network should evolve to serve the highest number of high value customers, who are most likely to embrace the offline experience.

more data used to drive decisions

The “smartification” of cities is set to become a $7.6 billion opportunity for telcos by 2023. However, leading operators are going further than simply providing connectivity through IoT sensors to public sector clients, and providing analytics solutions on top. By allowing cities to gain insights that can help them to reduce costs in areas such as waste management, street lighting, & public transport - telcos can increase their total contract values dramatically through Location Intelligence.

increase in TCV with public sector clients



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