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Scalable telco network planning analysis so you can optimize coverage, connectivity, speed, and availability.

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Analyze & visualize network infrastructure, including cell towers, fiber optic cables, and other assets to optimize your network coverage, improve service quality, and identify areas for expansion or investment. Use new location data streams to understand consumers and market requirements at a deeper granularity. 

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From strategizing Network Deployment to ensuring seamless infrastructure upgrades, leverage large-scale spatial data and analytics to elevate your operations.

Coverage Planning

Ensure optimal coverage for your target population or area of implementation with detailed signal strength analysis.

Service Availability & QoS Monitoring

Assess coverage and best server data to ensure top-notch service quality.

Antenna Cannibalization

Evaluate visibility and superposition between antennas for optimal placement.

Big Data Ingestion & Visualization

Harness the power of telco data through advanced spatial analysis and visualization techniques.

Ignoring location in sales and service territory planning could mean substantial losses in productivity and operational efficiency.
Leverage CARTO to balance, design, and expedite territory planning, ensuring a strategic edge in your telecom operations.

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Turn billions of local & roaming mobile events into a valuable data product - with a compelling UI for different verticals such as Retail, Tourism and Real Estate - we are here to help you on the journey.

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Cut the guesswork and ramp up your advertising game using Location Intelligence. Pinpoint prime ad spots, slash wasted spend, and increase your ROI.
Plan smart outdoor campaigns, analyze mobile ad impact by location, and segment your audience using diverse spatial data streams. Transform your telecom marketing strategy with targeted, informed campaigns—geared for success.

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Leading operators are going further than simply providing connectivity through IoT sensors for public sector clients, by providing analytics solutions on top. 
By allowing cities to gain insights from telco data they can reduce costs in areas such as waste management, street lighting, & public transport. Telcos can increase total contract values dramatically using powerful spatial insights.

increase in TCV with public sector clients
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