Catastrophe Modeling

Use spatial data in your catastrophe modeling to estimate the economic impact of extreme events to make our communities more resilient.

Once you’ve modelled local intensity calculations, exposure data, damage estimation & insured loss calculations rapidly using our Python package (CARTOframes), sharing your analysis with decision makers with a simple URL. Run your analysis from data ingestion all the way through to publish programmatically, with no need to leave your notebook environment for daily updates.

Too many Data Scientists in Insurance & Reinsurance are wasting 80% of their time on data discovery, evaluation & ETLs - rather than actual analysis. Using our spatial data repository, you can enrich your catastrophe models & simulations to provide more accurate possible loss outcomes with more spatial context.

Access new spatial datasets such as human mobility, housing & climate data through our Data Observatory to enhance your analysis. Move away from static data dumps to always-on data streams that allow your models to evolve with environmental changes & improve the results of your CAT models.



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