An integrated toolkit for cloud native geospatial app development

  • A cloud-first platform

    CARTO is built for the cloud, extending the spatial analysis and visualization capabilities available in BigQuery, Snowflake, Redshift, Databricks and more.
  • Rapid app development tools

    Reduce the time to develop location based apps with the most comprehensive development toolkit available.
  • Unique spatial datasets

    Access thousands of curated spatial datasets and easily ingest them into analytical workflows & apps.

Cloud Native

Seamless integration with the leading cloud data platforms, including BigQuery, Snowflake, Redshift and Databricks. Eliminate ETL complexity and any limits on scalability. Unlock advanced cloud native geospatial functions using our Analytics Toolbox.

Basemaps and Location Data Services

We provide beautiful vector maps and a complete suite of Location Data Services for geocoding, routing and isoline calculation from the leading providers.

Data Visualization

With CARTO for you can create highly scalable applications to visualize spatial data. Our dynamic tiling technology further streamlines the visualisation of massive spatial datasets directly from your data warehouse.

Frameworks and libraries

We offer developers a complete set of APIs, libraries and spatial development frameworks. CARTO for React significantly reduces the time required to develop location-based applications. Our platform is also compatible with other developer frameworks such as Angular or Vue.js.

Developer Resources

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