Telecom Network Deployment

Network Deployment

Using GIS in network deployment allows telecom companies to identify new market opportunities, maximize return on network investments & improve service delivery. Whether it’s 5G, fiber or SDN rollouts - spatial analytics can help.

With extensive physical assets, engineers & contractors - using location analytics to optimize resources is critical in order to gain real-time situational awareness & solve incidents faster. Telecom organizations & CSPs can integrate OSS & BSS with our platform to provide web-based dashboards to key stakeholders, as well as delivering network suitability analysis for new wireless or fixed line service planning.

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Building & designing networks isn’t easy. Using remote engineering, CSPs have the opportunity to reduce their time to market. Using CARTO, telecom companies can identify market opportunities faster, assessing existing capacity so that return-on-investment can be maximized. Whether you’re planning a greenfield area or upgrading existing networks, evaluating revenue potential against legacy network capability & capacity is critical in order to visualize network behavior effectively.

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If you want to gain market share & retain your key customers, using spatial data to understand market demand is crucial for retention, upsell & cross sell. Whether it’s internal analysis to identify key customer segments in your Business Intelligence team, or external visualization of coverage maps - geospatial insights can drive your B2C marketing campaigns to be more effective with new data streams relating to socio economic & demographic status.

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