Site Selection

Whether it’s expansion, consolidation or performance monitoring - location data is critical to avoid million-dollar mistakes in brick & mortar site selection.

  • Go beyond simple BI maps of sales by store and use our sophisticated analytical models to predict where the next big opportunity is for your brick & mortar operations, considering recent consumer behavior.

  • Bring together your existing internal data with external data streams to predict revenues at new or existing sites, using data such as foot traffic, credit card transactions & weather.

  • Share insights on predicted store performance in an intuitive solution which non-technical teams find easy to use, whether it’s Real Estate, Operations, Strategy or Marketing.

average increase in sales since using CARTO
  • Your “instinct” can’t always tell you where the next big opportunity is, but our whitespace analysis can, avoiding cannibalization & ensuring omnichannel efficiencies.

  • Visualize store catchment / trade areas to understand where your key segments of customers are in relation to your store network & competitor locations.

  • Pinpoint key target locations for expansion, in existing territories or new ones (using our global Spatial Data Catalog to power your decisions).

average increase in basket spend since using CARTO
  • With consumer behavior changing faster than ever, Retailers can no longer depend on out-of-date census data to drive decisions - particularly post-pandemic. CARTO’s repository of more than 9,000 datasets ensures you keep your finger on the pulse - whether it’s POIs, social media sentiment; traffic data or demographics.

  • Visualize your assets in relation to competitors, ensuring you identify new trends & opportunities before others do.

  • Avoid making expensive site selection mistakes, saving millions of $ in the process.

more stakeholders accessing location-based insights


Take the pain away from selecting, collecting, and analyzing location to understand site performance with our Data Observatory, a one-stop shop for all things geospatial data.

Augment your sales data and broaden your analysis with a wide range of curated datasets on standardized spatial aggregations, such as foot traffic & credit card transactions.


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