This is a DEPRECATED VERSION of CARTO VL. You can find more information about the support and the availability of the different CARTO VL versions.

CARTO VL is a JavaScript library to create custom Location Intelligence applications over vector rendering.

This library is still under support but it will not be further developed. We don’t recommend starting new projects with it as it will eventually become deprecated. Instead, learn more about our current CARTO for library here

Support Options

Feeling stuck? There are many ways to find help.

  • Ask a question on GIS StackExchange using the CARTO tag.
  • Report an issue in Github.
  • Engine Plan customers have additional access to enterprise-level support through CARTO’s support representatives.

If you just want to describe an issue or share an idea, just .

Issues on Github

If you think you may have found a bug, or if you have a feature request that you would like to share with the CARTO VL team, please open an issue.

Community support on GIS Stack Exchange

GIS Stack Exchange is the most popular community in the geospatial industry. This is a collaboratively-edited question and answer site for geospatial programmers and technicians. It is a fantastic resource for asking technical questions about developing and maintaining your application.

Members of the CARTO VL team regularly monitor the carto tag. You can look for CARTO topics by adding carto or carto vl to your search query. You can also add additional tags to your question in order to attract the attention of experts in related technologies.

When posting a new question, please consider the following:

  • Read the GIS Stack Exchange help and how to ask pages for guidelines and tips about posting questions.
  • Be very clear about your question in the subject. A clear explanation helps those trying to answer your question, as well as those who may be looking for information in the future.
  • Be informative in your post. Details, code snippets, logs, screenshots, etc. help others to understand your problem.
  • Use code that demonstrates the problem. It is very hard to debug errors without sample code to reproduce the problem.

Engine Plan Customers

Engine Plan customers have additional support options beyond general community support. As per your account Terms of Service, you have access to enterprise-level support through CARTO’s support representatives available at

In order to speed up the resolution of your issue, provide as much information as possible (even if it is a link from community support). This allows our engineers to investigate your problem as soon as possible.

If you are not yet CARTO customer, browse our plans & pricing and find the right plan for you.