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How it works

Turn Location Data Into Business Outcomes

Whether it's more efficient delivery routes, strategic store placements or targeted geomarketing campaigns

CARTO data attributions

How to give attribution

When you use the CARTO service, you must provide proper attribution to both CARTO, and any applicable technologies and service providers. Proper attribution is required for every CARTO plan, but don't be afraid, it's easy to do!

How to attribute

CARTO data sources

We use a variety of technologies and service providers to deliver the CARTO experience to our users. They require proper attribution.

  • Basemaps
    • CARTO
      Attributions for CARTO’s Voyager, Positron, and Dark Matter basemaps, created using derivatives of OpenStreetMap data.
    • Stamen

      Attributions for Stamen’s suite of basemaps, created using derivatives of OpenStreetMap data.

    • OpenStreetMap

      OpenStreetMap® is open data, licensed under the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL) by the OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF).

    • Here

      Attributions for HERE's suite of basemaps.

    • OpenMapTiles

      Attributions for OpenMapTiles's database.

  • Data Observatory
    • The Data Observatory is a collection of data sources with varying licenses and terms of use. The complete list of data sources and applicable terms is available in our documentation.

  • Twitter
  • Technology
    • CARTO is an open source project (under a BSD license) which makes use of many different open source technologies. Please check the CARTO GitHub page for more information.

  • Geocoding
  • Isoline routing & Isochrones
    • CARTO provides both Isoline Routing and Isochrones, courtesy of Mapbox.

  • CARTOColors
  • Icons
    • In CARTO you can use several icon sets to style markers or patterns. Those icons or images come from different places.

    • Map Pins
      A set of map icons created by Freepik.
    • Maki Icons
      An open source icon set from Mapbox.
    • SimpleCircle Places
      A set of map icons created by Simpleicon.
  • Data
    • Please be aware of the licenses of both your data and the data provided to you through CARTO.

    • Your Data

      The data you add to your CARTO account is your responsibility. CARTO makes it easy for you to share specific datasets, with others or publicly. You are responsible for ensuring that you have a right to share data before doing so. Attribution is not automatically added to these datasets, but you can easily include it. Learn how.

    • Data Library
      Our data library includes many datasets that can help you enhance your maps. Each of these data sets has its own license, which you must respect.