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Data Observatory

Discover the dimensions behind your data

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Population, jobs, commerce, and thousands of other interesting location dimensions

CARTO's Demographic services can turn your data or address locations into comprehensive reports about the characteristics of the local population.

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    Create new value

    Always on, always up-to-date, and always providing the results you need.

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    Easy, fast, & affordable

    Generate conclusive reports from a single location or find new associations to discover hidden patterns.

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    Ready to blend & visualize

    The Data Observatory is integrated into CARTO, making it a simple addition to any of your workflows.

What's Inside?

  • Measurements

    Access demographic, economic, and both numeric and categorical measurements at places of interest.

  • Segmentation

    Classifications are built up from leading population data and provide a comprehensive view of where your potential customers, voters, or supporters exist.

  • Discovery

    Instead of queries, you can use your own data to discover what measurements are available and get them incorporated faster.

Use data observatory in Builder

Directly enrich your data using our analysis tab. It's as simple as selecting your desired layer and letting your data insights fall into place.

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Data Observatory asset

Use data observatory via sql

Data Observatory measures can be requested through the SQL interface, in any dataset or visualization view, for quick augmentation of your existing datasets.

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