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Data observatory

Don’t let static GIS data limit your analysis

Augment your own data and broaden your analysis with the most up to date third party data streams available. Expose hidden patterns and create real time knowledge into where opportunities exist.

  • High quality data sources

    Access data from businesses and institutions with no difficult procurement process or red tape. Start driving business outcomes with financial transactions, foot traffic data, vehicle mobility data, real estate trends and more.

  • Ready to use analytical models

    Immediately use pre-processed and analyzed derivative data not available anywhere else to plan efficient delivery routes, better behavioral marketing, strategic store placements and solve business problems.

  • Deployable anywhere

    Deploy Location Intelligence solutions that combine multiple data streams with your own data to address business challenges directly. See how changes in pedestrian foot traffic, financial transaction volumes and others help predict your own outcomes.

Location Data Streams for Every Business Challenge

From understanding commercial shifts to analyzing population movement patterns; put industry-leading data to work for you and anticipate changes, make better plans, and find new opportunities.

Always-on location business data from leading sources

Use data from leading companies and agencies directly in your spatial analysis and business applications.

  • Financial

    Measure the economic pulse of an area by including anonymized and aggregated credit card transaction and ATM withdrawal data from leading banks and credit card companies in your analysis.

  • Foot Traffic

    Measure the number of pedestrians in transit from certain locations using mobile event and GPS data to select sites, analyze competitors or even.

  • Traffic & Mobility

    Analyze traffic patterns and commuter behaviour from GPS apps, vehicle embedded technology and crowdsourced data to understand mobility in your city or region.

  • Social Media

    Identify hotspots of target consumers by using real-time and historic social media content to optimize geomarketing or site selection strategies.

  • Demographics

    Use up-to-date Open Data and census data to include socioeconomic and demographic profiling in your analysis - allowing you to more thoroughly understand the community in a location, and identify where your target consumers are.

  • Points of Interest

    Understand the density of competition, services and amenities in your area of study by seeing POIs such as stores, restaurants, schools or hospitals.

  • Real Estate

    Include real-time property statistics to drive decisions around future investments and pricing optimization in your commercial or residential portfolio.

  • Street / Satellite Imagery

    Understand the impact of urbanization, natural disaster, and other global events to identify opportunities and evaluate your exposure to risk using real-time satellite and street imagery.

  • Location-based services

    Take data that isn't inherently spatial and gain context with geocoding, routing, as well as walking and driving distances.

  • Healthcare

    Gain insights from the healthcare industry including information from hospitals, medical practices and retail pharmacies - as well as additional data on long-term care and home health.

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