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Data Observatory

Discover what your data alone isn’t telling you

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Don’t let your data limit your analysis

CARTO Data Observatory exposes hidden patterns and creates comprehensive insight into where unforeseen opportunities exist. Augment your own data and broaden your analysis with thousands of demographic, economic, and real estate datasets.

  • Expandable Data Enrichment

    Bring in multiple measurements and analyze with your own data or between Data Observatory segments with a few clicks

  • Custom clusters and segments

    Analyze datasets available only in CARTO including demographic clusters and community segmentation analyses

  • Deployable anywhere

    Drag and drop to enrich data in Builder or access data programmatically with SQL

Data for every business challenge

From geomarketing to investment planning, CARTO Data Observatory delivers complete insight into where new opportunities exist.

What's Inside?

Analysis-ready data from around the globe

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  • Measurements

    Access demographic, economic, and both numeric and categorical measurements at places of interest.

  • Segmentation

    Classifications are built up from leading population data and provide a comprehensive view of where your potential customers, voters, or supporters exist.

  • Discovery

    Instead of queries, you can use your own data to discover what measurements are available and get them incorporated faster.

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