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Data Observatory

The location data you need to get the full picture

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Don’t let static GIS data limit your analysis

Augment your own data and broaden your analysis with the most up to date third party data streams available. Expose hidden patterns and create real time knowledge into where opportunities exist.

  • High quality data sources

    Access data from businesses and institutions with no difficult procurement process or red tape. Start driving business outcomes with financial transactions, foot traffic data, vehicle mobility data, real estate trends and more.

  • Ready to use analytical models

    Immediately use pre-processed and analyzed derivative data not available anywhere else to plan efficient delivery routes, better behavioral marketing, strategic store placements and solve business problems.

  • Deployable anywhere

    Deploy Location Intelligence solutions that combine multiple data streams with your own data to address business challenges directly.

Data Streams for Every Business Challenge

From understanding commercial shifts to analyzing population movement patterns; put industry-leading data to work for you and anticipate changes, make better plans, and find new opportunities.

What's Inside?

Analysis-ready data from around the globe

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  • Measurements

    Access demographic, economic, and both numeric and categorical measurements at places of interest.

  • Segmentation

    Classifications are built up from leading population data and provide a comprehensive view of where your potential customers, voters, or supporters exist.

  • Discovery

    Instead of queries, you can use your own data to discover what measurements are available and get them incorporated faster.

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