Data Streams

Always-on location data from leading sources

Augment your own data and broaden your analysis with the most up to date third party data streams available.

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  • Financial

    Merchant and ATM transaction data from leading banks and credit card companies.

  • Human Mobility

    Mobile device and GPS data provide insight into human 
movement patterns.

  • Traffic & Mobility

    Data from routing apps and GPS to analyze traffic patterns and commuter behaviour.

  • Demographics

    The most recent census data including measurements like age, income, and household types.

    • for the United States and other countries

  • Points of Interest

    Location data for business establishments, restaurants, schools, hospitals, attractions, and more.

  • Real Estate

    Property statistics, prices, and history to drive decisions in your property investment portfolio.

  • Street / Satellite Imagery

    Understand the impact of urbanization, natural disaster, and other global events to identify opportunities and evaluate your exposure to risk using real-time satellite and street imagery. 

  • Healthcare

    Gain insights from the healthcare industry including information from hospitals, medical practices and retail pharmacies - as well as additional data on long-term care and home health.

  • Location-based services

    Take data that isn't inherently spatial and gain context with geocoding, routing, as well as walking and driving distances.

Pre-processed and ready to go

Data streams are processed, anonymized and aggregated at various scales for spatial analysis without compromising privacy

Get access however you need

  • Data Packages

    Pre-processed data streams for use in your data science and operational workflows

  • CARTO Platform

    Access data directly in Location Intelligence applications

  • Need more help?

    Our in-house data team is ready to solve the biggest business problems with you.


  • High quality data sources

    Access data from the most innovative providers with no difficult procurement process or red tape.

  • Ready to use analytical models

    Immediately use pre-processed and analyzed derivative data not available anywhere else.

  • Combine data from anywhere

    Combine and analyze multiple data streams with your own data easily.

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