Full comparison table

Full comparison table



Account & Service
Users 1 As many as you need
Team notifications
Enterprise SSO
Support Basic Priority
Private maps Unlimited Unlimited
Public maps 10 Unlimited
Map loads per month 100,000 As many as you need
Maximum table size (in million records) 500 Unlimited
Maximum connections to cloud data warehouses 1 Unlimited
Data Observatory
Location data services (geocoding, isolines, routing)*
Application Development
Number of applications As many as you need
API Access Full access
Mapping libraries
Demonstration only light applications
High traffic and/or commercial applications
Managed cloud data warehouse resources
Cloud storage 2 GB As much as you need
Cloud computing 0.5 TB per day As much as you need
Cloud acceleration As much as you need
Service level agreement (99.9% uptime guarantee)
On-premises deployment

*Quota limitations apply.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you mean by public-facing usage?

    We define public-facing usage as leveraging CARTO to power enterprise-scale applications that are made available to external parties such as clients or the public, as opposed to internal demonstration-only applications.

  • Can I buy more storage for my individual plan?

    We do our best to understand and adapt to your changing needs. Please contact us to discuss if you are running short on storage.

  • Can I cancel my monthly or annual subscription?

    You can cancel anytime. You can easily do it from your account’s billing settings, where you can turn off future monthly or yearly payments to avoid being charged when your subscription period expires.

  • What happens to my data after the trial or if I cancel my subscription?

    Your maps and datasets will be saved for 90 days after your account is disabled, so you have time to re-subscribe and continue working where you left off.

  • Does CARTO offer accounts for students and educators?

    Yes, we do! We support students, professors, and academic researchers with our academic institution accounts and student packs.

  • What do different support levels mean?

    Our expert team supports all of our customers. Individual plan users have access to basic email support, and Enterprise users can choose between our comprehensive support packages to make the most of CARTO.

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