Intuitive Analysis for Predicting Key Insights

CARTO Builder

Location Intelligence, Finally Intuitive

CARTO Builder is a web-based drag and drop analysis tool for analysts and business users to discover and predict key insights from location data. Unleash the power of location intelligence with self-service, actionable applications you can share across your organization. Working with CARTO is intuitive, logical, and effortless.

  • Self-service for easy adoption

    CARTO Builder incorporates widget-driven dashboards and unified workflows to reduce time-to-insight.

  • Performs at scale

    CARTO Builder is a scalable solution for advanced predictive and spatial analytics that handles up to hundreds of millions of records.

  • All-in-one: Geospatial batteries included

    CARTO enriches your location data with versatile, relevant datasets drawn from CARTO's own
 Data Observatory.

  • The next-generation solution

    CARTO's efficient and affordable SaaS model allows you to grow as you go.

Easily Connect your Data

Whether you're starting from a spreadsheet, connecting your favorite business software, or drawing from vast sensor networks, CARTO Builder allows you to effortlessly add your data with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Your data-driven visualizations scale to your needs, no matter the source or size.

Drag and drop to connect your data

Fast Drag-and-Drop Analytics

CARTO Builder's easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality helps you predict key insights from location data, drastically reducing time to success.

Drag-and-Drop analysis
Drag and drop animation
Builder drag and drop
Widgets animation
Builder widgets

Automatically Pinpoint Key Insights

Auto-Styling analyzes mapped data to discover trends and relationships. It automatically applies the best visual layers to highlight the resulting patterns, eliminating manual guesswork.

Enrich your Data with Data Observatory

CARTO's Demographic Services turn postal address data into coordinates for comprehensive visualization reports on local population characteristics.

Data Observatory Data Observatory

Custom Data Styling and Analysis

Take creativity and data integration further with TurboCARTO styling and our powerful SQL capabilities. The new open source CartoCSS pre-processor, TurboCARTO, enables the asynchronous evaluation of styling functions. CARTO's SQL custom analysis functionality allows for tailored reports and unique queries.

Expert mode animation
Builder Expert mode

Share Insights that Matter

Your organization can deploy an advanced, controlled CARTO Builder environment to build powerful location-based applications for the web or for privately sharing with CARTO Viewers. Viewers can extract insights from dashboards without editing the original data or visualization.

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CARTO Builder enables your organization to unleash the power of Location Intelligence. You're only a click away from the geospatial applications that will allow you to extract the key insights from your location data.

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