Upload files to your CARTO account and manipulate them by using a set of HTTP commands.

This component is still under support but it will not be further developed. We don’t recommend starting new projects with it as it will eventually become deprecated. Instead, learn more about our new APIs here

Import Errors

You may receive an error during the import process when connecting a dataset. This section contains any known error codes, and provides descriptions to help you troubleshoot why your import may have failed. Please contact us if you need assistance.

The following table contains a list of known errors codes and possible solutions.

Code Description
1000 File I/O error - Something seems to be wrong with the file you uploaded. Check that it is loading fine locally and try uploading it again.
1001 Download error - The remote URL returned an error. Please verify your file is available at that URL.
1002 Unsupported file type - Check our list of supported files. See if you can convert your file to one of these file types. If importing from a URL, make sure the remote server is returning the appropriate HTTP Content Type headers for the file type.
1003 Decompression error - Try decompressing and regenerating your compressed file on your computer. If that fails, then locate the original file and make a new compressed version.
1004 XLS/XLSX Error - The XLS/XLSX archive could not be opened or contains data that cannot be imported. Try exporting it into CSV and uploading the CSV instead.
1005 Empty file - The file appears to have no processable information. Double check that the file is indeed correct and that it contains supported data.
1006 Invalid SHP file - Your file appears broken. Double check that all the necessary parts of the file are included in your ZIP archive (including .SHP, .PRJ, etc.). Also, try opening the file locally using QGIS or another tool.
1007 Too many nodes - You requested too many nodes. Either request a smaller area, or use planet.osm.
1008 GDrive access forbidden - Google denied access to GDrive. If you use Google Apps contact your administrator to allow third party Drive applications and try again.
1009 Twitter Server Error - There was an error connecting to Twitter service to retrieve your tweets. The server might be temporally unavaliable, please try again later.
1010 Not a file - Your import request does not contain a file. Make sure that the request is correctly formatted and/or a file is being posted.
1011 Error retrieving data from datasource - There was an error retrieving data from the datasource. Check that the file/data is still present.
1012 Error connecting to datasource - There was an error trying to connect to the datasource. If this problem stays, please contact support@carto.com.
1013 Invalid ArcGIS version - The specified ArcGIS server runs an unsupported version. Supported versions are 10.1 onwards.
1014 Invalid name - File name is not valid. Maybe too many tables with similar names. Please change file name and try again.
1015 No results - Query was correct but returned no results, please change the parameters and run it again.
1016 Dropbox permission revoked - CARTO has no permission to access your files at Dropbox. Please import file again.
1017 GDrive file was deleted - GDrive file was removed and can't be synced, please import file again.
1018 File is password protected - File is password protected and can't be imported. Please remove password protection or create a new compressed file without password and try again.
1019 Too Many Layers - The file has too many layers. It can have 50 as maximum.
1020 Download timeout - Data download timed out. Check the source is not running slow and/or try again.
1021 Box permission revoked - CARTO has no permission to access your files at Box. Please import file again.
1100 Download file not found - Provided URL doesn't return a file (error 404). Please check that URL is still valid and that you can download the file and try again.
1101 Forbidden file URL - Provided URL returns authentication error. Maybe it's private, or requires user and password. Please provide a valid, public URL and try again.
1102 Unknown server URL - Provided URL can't be resolved to a known server. Maybe that URL is wrong or behind a private network. Please provide a valid, public URL and try again.
2001 Unable to load data - We couldn't load data from your file into the database. Please contact us and we will help you to load your data.
2002 Encoding detection error - We couldn't detect the encoding of your file. Please, try saving your file with encoding UTF-8 or contact us and we will help you to load your data.
2003 Malformed CSV - The CSV or converted XLS/XLSX to CSV file contains malformed or invalid characters. Some reasons for this error can be for example multiline header fields or multiline cells at Excel files or unquoted CSV.
2004 Too many columns - Data has too many columns. You can only import up to 250 columns.
2005 Duplicated column - File has the same header for two or more columns. Please make column names unique and try again.
2006 Encoding error - Problem reading the file. Encoding seems wrong, probably because there's a wrong character. In order to sort it out, open your file with a text editor, save it with encoding UTF-8 and try again.
2007 Encoding error - The file you tried to import failed due to encoding issues. To fix this, force the encoding of your file using a text editor or a tool like QGis. You just need to export your files in UTF-8 format.
2008 Malformed XLS - The Excel file has an unsupported format or is corrupt. To fix this, open it and save as CSV or XLSX.
2009 KML without style Id - The KML file you tried to import failed because a style element doesn't have an ID attribute. To fix this error, please open the file and add an ID to all the style tags.
2010 Incompatible CARTO table - There was an error when converting your table into a CARTO table. Please contact us and we will help you load your data.
2011 Invalid `cartodb_id` column - The import failed because your table contains an invalid `cartodb_id` column. If you want to use it as a primary key, its values must be integers, non-null, and unique. Otherwise, try renaming your current `cartodb_id` column.
2012 Incompatible schemas - The import failed because you are trying to overwrite a table but the data you are providing is not compatible with the data that table already has. You may me changing some types or removing a column. Please check and try again.
2013 Cannot overwrite table - The synchronization failed because the destination table could not be overwritten. Please make sure that there are no database objects (e.g: views) that depend on it.
2014 Invalid geometries - Your file appears to contain invalid geometries. Try opening the file with another GIS tool and checking the geometry validity.
3007 JSON may not be valid GeoJSON - We can only import GeoJSON formated JSON files. See if the source of this data supports GeoJSON or another file format for download.
3008 Unknown SRID - The SRID of the provided file it's not in the spatial_ref_sys table. You can get rid of this error inserting the SRID specific data in the spatial_ref_sys table.
3009 SHP Normalization error - We were unable to detect the encoding or projection of your Shapefile. Try converting the file to UTF-8 and a 4326 SRID.
3101 Missing projection (.prj) file - CARTO needs a PRJ file for all Shapefile archives uploaded. Contact your data provider to see about aquiring one if it was missing. Otherwise see spatialreference.org to locate the right one if you know it. Remember, the file name for your .prj must be the same as your .shp.
3201 Geometry Collection not supported - We are working to support more formats every day, but currently we cannot take mixed geometry types. Take a look at your data source and see if other formats are available, otherwise, look into tools like OGR to split this file into valid ESRI Shapefiles prior to importing.
3202 Empty KML - This KML doesn't include actual data, but a link to another KML with the data. Please extract the URL from this KML and try to import it.
8001 Over account storage limit, please upgrade - To upgrade your account, go to your Dashboard and click Settings. Click 'Upgrade your server'. Follow the directions for choosing a larger size and setting up your payment information.
8002 You have reached the limit of datasets for your plan. Upgrade your account to get unlimited datasets - To upgrade your account, go to your Dashboard and click Settings. Click 'Upgrade your server'. Follow the directions for choosing a larger size and setting up your payment information.
8003 Error creating table from SQL query - We couldn't create a table from your query. Please check that it doesn't return duplicate column names.
8004 Merge with unmatching column types - The columns you have chosen don't have the same column type in both tables. Please change the types so the columns will have the same type and try again.
8005 Max layers per map reached - You can't add more layers to your map. Please upgrade your account.
8006 Not enough Twitter credits - Unfortunately, you don't have enough Twitter credits to proceed. Please contact Sales if you have questions about how to obtain more credits.
8007 Over account maps limit, please upgrade - To upgrade your account, go to your Dashboard and click Settings. Click 'Upgrade your server'. Follow the directions for choosing a larger size and setting up your payment information.
8008 Over account public datasets limit or publication is disabled in your account, please contact us at support@carto.com indicating this error code for more information.
6666 Dataset too big - The dataset you tried to import is too big and cannot be processed. If the dataset allows it, you can try splitting it into smaller files and then append them once imported, or contact our support team at support@carto.com.
6667 Import timed out - There is been a problem importing your file due to the time is been taking to process it. Please try again and contact us if the problem persist.
6668 Too many table rows - You cannot import this dataset. The number of rows exceeds the maximum dataset quota permitted for your account. Please contact Sales if you have questions about importing this dataset.
6669 Too many concurrent imports - You cannot import more data until one of your active imports finishes. If you need further import slots contact our support team at support@carto.com.
6670 Too many map templates - You reached the limit of Named Map templates. If you are programatically generating these templates, check how to delete them in the Maps API documentation. Otherwise, contact our support team at support@carto.com.
6671 Stuck import job - The import job was stuck and we marked it as failed. Please try again and contact our support team at support@carto.com if the problem persists.
99999 Unknown - Sorry, something went wrong and we're not sure what. Try uploading your file again, or contact us and we'll try to help you quickly.

cURL Commands in Windows

If you are running cURL commands through a PC console, note that Windows only supports double quotes “” for cURL commands.