The CARTO Maps API allows you to generate maps based on data hosted in your CARTO account.


See metrics guide to understand the full picture.

The next list includes the API endpoints, each endpoint may have several inner timers, some of them are displayed within this list as subitems. Find the description for them in the Inner timers section.


  • windshaft-cartodb.flush_cache: time to flush the tile and sql cache
  • windshaft-cartodb.get_template: time to retrieve an specific template
  • windshaft-cartodb.delete_template: time to delete an specific template
  • windshaft-cartodb.get_template_list: time to retrieve the list of owned templates
  • windshaft-cartodb.instance_template_post: time to create a template via HTTP POST
  • windshaft-cartodb.instance_template_get: time to create a template via HTTP GET
    • TemplateMaps_instance
    • createLayergroup

There are some endpoints that are not being tracked:

  • Adding a template
  • Updating a template

Inner timers

Again, each inner timer may have several inner timers.

  • addCacheChannel: time to add X-Cache-Channel header based on table last modifications
  • LZMA decompress: time to decompress request params with LZMA
  • TemplateMaps_instance: time to retrieve a map template instance, see getTemplate and authorizedByCert
  • affectedTables: time to check what are the affected tables for adding the cache channel, see addCacheChannel
  • authorize: time to authorize a request, see authorizedByAPIKey, authorizedByCert, authorizedBySigner
  • authorizedByCert: time to authorize a template instantiation
  • findLastUpdated: time to retrieve the last update time for a list of tables, see affectedTables
  • generateCacheChannel: time to generate the headers for the cache channel based on the request, see addCacheChannel
  • getSignerMapKey: time to retrieve from redis the authorized user for a template map
  • getTablePrivacy: time to retrieve from redis the privacy of a table
  • getTemplate: time to retrieve from redis the template for a map
  • getUserMapKey: time to retrieve from redis the user key for a map
  • incMapviewCount: time to incremenent in redis the map views
  • mapStore_load: time to retrieve from redis a map configuration
  • req2params.setup: time to prepare the params from a request, see req2params in Windshaft documentation
  • setDBAuth: time to retrieve from redis and set db user and db password from a user
  • setDBConn: time to retrieve from redis and set db host and db name from a user
  • setDBParams: time to prepare all db params to be able to connect/query a database, see setDBAuth and setDBConn
  • tablePrivacy_getUserDBName: time to retrieve from redis the database for a user