CARTO can be installed on a local server, or set of servers, either directly or using our commercial installer.


System Requirements

For a normal installation of CARTO On-Premises, the following hardware requirements are needed:

  • 8GB memory
  • 4 CPU cores
  • Required storage for your own data + 50GB (DOv1 and Offline Geocoder)

Although it is possible that your installation may work with a lower level of resources, stability of the platform is not guaranteed. It is recommended to use the optimal requirements.

The platform is only compatible with Red Hat and CentOS 7.x servers using systemd.

CARTO can work fully offline. However, some components might need to reach external resources for optional features. All outbound requests can be proxied with easy configuration:

  • Builder:

    • URL Imports
  • Maps API:

    • Dashboard map thumbnails
    • Basemaps in Static Map API
    • External assets (markers, patterns) from secure sources (SSL certificates required)
  • Dataservices:

    • 3rd party services: Street Address geocoding, Isolines, Routing


These are the server pre-requisites needed before the On-Premises installation:

  1. A clean installation is required. No other service or extra software should be running on the same server. This ensures that you will avoid any incompatibility or resource-sharing issues.
  2. SELinux must be disabled, otherwise we cannot guarantee the stability of the current installation.
  3. The only extra packages required are redhat-lsb-core and gcc:
sudo yum -y install gcc redhat-lsb-core