CARTO On-Premises allows you to run CARTO on your own private infrastructure, even behind a firewall.

Architecture Guide


This deployment allows you to enjoy the full CARTO stack in a single instance.


Distributed Tier 1

This deployment allows you to have CARTO installed with a minimal distribution, with separation of the application layer and data.


Our Tier 1 distributed deployment allows for sustained performance while increasing data volume and data structure complexity.

Having dedicated resources for the database allows a higher memory allocation for database operations and an intensive usage of Builder and the Maps API (as these won’t compete for resources with the database).

Distributed Tier 2

This deployment allows you to have CARTO distributed in a three-layer setup: Web layer, App layer and Data layer.


Our Tier 2 distributed deployment allows for higher internal concurrency and moderate external traffic, while complying with stricter security policies:

  • Security compliance through three layers, where all traffic in the app and data layers is internal - the web layer is the only piece that is exposed.
  • Higher loads supported by a bigger cache layer.
  • Optimized performance by stack component, fine-tuning resource allocation across the layers.

Distributed Tier 3

This deployment allows you to have CARTO installed with a fully custom distribution (e.g. distributed web layer, pool of APIs and separate Builder stack).


Our Tier 3 distributed deployment is the best option for high traffic, public-facing applications that require strong performance and security compliance:

  • High traffic, with an intensive usage of our Maps API and database, as well as high user concurrency with low cache usage.
  • A fully tailored deployment allows the highest performance for each use case in private, distributed infrastructures.
  • Flexibility and scalability with a load-balanced pool of APIs, separate cache service, and scalable Builder backend.