Interact with your tables and data inside CARTO, as if you were running SQL statements.

This component is still under support but it will not be further developed. We don’t recommend starting new projects with it as it will eventually become deprecated. Instead, learn more about our new APIs here

Libraries in Different Languages

To make things easier for developers, we provide client libraries for different programming languages and caching functionalities.

Note: These libraries are externally developed and maintained. Use caution when using libraries in different languages, as some of these resources may be out-of-date.

  • R To help more researchers use CARTO to drive their geospatial data, we have released the R client library. Fork it on GitHub!

  • Node.js This demo app authenticates with your CARTO and shows how to perform read and write queries using the SQL API. Fork it on GitHub!

  • PHP The PHP library provides a wrapper around the SQL API to get PHP objects straight from SQL calls to CARTO. Fork it on GitHub!

  • Python CARTO provides access to the SQL API through CARTOframes, a package built with data scientists in mind, and CARTO Python SDK, built to support application development. Install cartoframes with pip install cartoframes and the SDK with pip install carto.

  • Java Very basic example of how to access CARTO SQL API. Fork it on GitHub!

  • .NET .NET library for authenticating with CARTO using an API Key, based on work started by The Data Republic. Fork it on GitHub!

  • Clojure Clojure library for authenticating with CARTO, maintained by REDD Metrics. Fork it on GitHub!

  • iOS Objective-C library for interacting with CARTO in native iOS applications. Fork it on GitHub!

  • Golang A Go client for the CARTO SQL API that supports authentication using an API key. Fork it on GitHub!